The Poetry of Walt Whitman (Unabridged) - Walt Whitman

Posted by Lourdes Leuschke
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The Poetry of Walt Whitman (Unabridged) - Walt Whitman

First get some world class voices to read this magnificent poetry. Now put an over caffeinated three year old banging away with a hammer on a piano in the background.
Sure it's some legitimate classical piano piece by a talented artist. But who cares. It's so stupendously at odds with the rhythm and tone of the poetry, so maliciously distracting that the whole thing, no matter how well narrated, is truly abysmal. All the artists are fine on their own merits. But whatever producer put this cacophony together and doggedly insisted on the piano, disregarding the score of people advising her otherwise... Well. Let's just hope she's learned from the experience.
The rest of us need not suffer the same myopia. Do not buy this.